Ranboo@ 4:07pm 07-08-2021
Adorable! Can really tell your favorite color is yellow :]
frog@ 2:21pm 07-08-2021
your website looks so cool! i love the yellow birds they r so cute!!!
Mewmew@ 12:02am 07-08-2021
Yaaa! Ooo!
yeow@ 5:11pm 06-29-2021
scoot@ 9:35am 01-24-2019
ah ah ah *loves your neocities page*
fruitmelt@ 1:44pm 12-29-2018
you have a really pretty website, i'm excited for updates!! (o^^o)b
Simon@ 10:57am 11-14-2018
V. fun. :D
Doggo@ 8:23pm 09-26-2018
turd@ 11:10pm 09-12-2018
cute website (^0^) looking forward to more updates

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