Hannah Banana@ 9:54pm 05-07-2023
Happy belated birthday! It is always nice to see updates to this site, no matter how small.
juriettoo@ 4:49am 03-27-2023
cute site! i liked reading about your birds! (*^▽^*)
pixelglade@ 4:48pm 02-17-2023
Your website is pretty cute, your pet birds and your gender headcanon for them is pretty adorable as well. They have such varied and beautiful colours.
di@ 10:09am 02-15-2023
Your site has a lovely look to it! I love the bird page too
lapin@ 12:52pm 02-04-2023
cute site! your birds are adorable.
Rose Dryad@ 1:42am 12-24-2022
I love your site and your birbs are so cute!!
jorts@ 3:56pm 08-21-2022
hiiii marcelle!! i think your website is LOVELY and really sweet to spent time on :) i just wanted to let you know i added your button to my site, hehe!!
margie@ 9:24pm 06-26-2022
i love ur site so much its so cute
ohmi@ 10:38am 06-24-2022
Your site is so pleasant & bright! I love it!
liliana@ 4:43am 06-07-2022
ur site is so cute and simple c: i love sm
alexandra@ 3:27am 01-02-2022
happy new year! i loved reading about your birdies!! your site is like a warm blanket <3
hooni@ 1:13pm 07-16-2021
i really like ur website, very comforting (* ̄▽ ̄*)╭
conduit-7@ 11:00pm 07-13-2021
omg thank you for the nice msg in my guestbook!
i love your birds they are so cute ^^
also i am still learning japanese too! its a bit rough without someone to practice talking to.
good luck in your studies! lmk if you wanna study bud
pom@ 10:00am 07-10-2021
very cute site. yellow is such a nice soothing color and birds are so pure. i love the theme ;u; i'm excited to see where ur site goes! so much luv <3

Snufkin@ 6:36am 07-09-2021
Your site is SO CUTE I adore the shade of yellow on everything, and the border on the front page is so lovely!!

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